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Introduction about

Ramharipur Ramakrishna Mission

Vivekananda Junior Basic School

Swami Vivekananda used to say that education is the panacea of all social evils. But by education he did not mean merely book learning.

He said, ‘We must have life-building, man-making, character-making assimilation of ideas.’ And added ‘What we want is that education by which character is formed strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded and by which one can stand on one’s feet.’ This is the ideal of education which we try to put into effect at Ramharipur.


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Welcome to Ramharipur Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda Junior Basic School

The Ramakrishna Mission High School, was established in the year 1952 with the object of giving a practical and concrete shape to some of the educational ideas of Swami Vivekananda. Education, in order to be effective and fruitful, must be man-making, that is, it must bring about total and integrated development of the personality of the students. This can be achieved only when the students are brought up in surroundings where their body, mind and spirit can be looked after to effloresce in a congenial environment. In this context, Swami Vivekananda prescribed the ancient Gurukula system of education. The Vidyapith has adopted this system, suited and adapted to modern conditions of life.

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